Using Voyant


The text analysis in this project was performed using a free online tool called Voyant. Although several text analysis tools are available such as Google’s Ngram, MALLET, or Paper Machines, Voyant was used because it was simple to use, focused on word frequencies, and had several options for exporting data.

Voyant includes many tools or “skins” to create visualizations of different types of data. This project used the basic skin including a tool that summarizes word counts and word density for each text, a list of words in the entire corpus and their frequencies, and the corpus reader which allows analysis of words in their context in the text. The list of most frequently used religious and secular language was compiled using the Corpus Type Frequencies Grid, and then visualized with Type Frequencies Chart, Cirrus, and Links.

For an overview on how to use Voyant, click here or read this tutorial

The complete list of Voyant tools can be found here.

Finally, this project provides a helpful analysis for the types of quantitative analysis possible with different tools, including Voyant.


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