Selected Words

Voyant compiles a list of all of the words used in the corpus and their frequencies. From this list, a sub-set of words with religious and secular connotations was chosen. These words were chosen based on two criteria:

  • Word was used with a strictly religious  or secular/medical connotation and in the same context each time (For example, “matter” was not used since it was used to describe the pus of inculation but also as in “matter of faith” or debating “this matter of inoculation”)
  • Word was one of the religious or secular words used most frequently out of all the texts

Ten words of each were chosen because only ten religious words met this criteria closely enough for accuracy and including a larger number of secular words would have skewed the results. With these words, I could interpret whether authors were referring to inoculation in a religious or secular context.

Click here to see the results of the quantitative analysis using these words.

Or click the links below to learn more about the methodology of this project:
 OCR | Texts used  

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